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big display problem with iOS 10.12.1.

I already have appkit on my iPhone and there is no problem but i boot today ampkit for mac , i have a iMac with iOS 10.12.1. this is a big display problem ! For example: the pedals are half cut , This does not show the amp head but just the buttons.

UI Images Need to Be Revised

I haven’t used this app since I updated to Sierra but now all pedal and amp images are too large for the space alotted. Some knobs on pedals are not visible because they appear beyond the edge of the pedal image. What was once a very intuitive UI has become a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.

New Update Deems Ampkit Inoperable

I used to love ampkit, until the last update. Now it crashes any time I want to make any adjustments to anything! Or it becomes completely unresponsive. It is now worthless and I can’t do a single thing without the app freezing up. There’s also this weird bug where the amp appears to move/“wobble”, for lack of a better term. Oh, and if you do get lucky enough to make any adjustment whatsoever, it won’t register for at least 5-6 seconds. Seriously, Agile Partners? Think I’ll finally bite the bullet and get Positive Grid. Don’t bother until they fix these bugs.


None of the presets working right. Ton’s of stupid presest, wasted 40 minutes to see if there is single decent one so I can play - NO HOP My ears poped out by the time I get to the 5th set up. Constantly on the volume - everything feeds back! DELAY - you hear what you played later. This is a joke!

Does not work with Yosemite anymore

Does not work with Yosemite anymore

Powerful App At A Great Price!

Ive only had time to check out the app in general since its only now been released, but even with this, its clear that AmpKit is a wonderful piece of software. From all of the presets, to being able to customize any setup any way you want, to being able to record, makes this is a powerful & full featured app. Frankly, I think AmpKit is a bargain at the price and is as good as some of the more expensive software packages available. As for trying to do this with the physical counterparts of this equipment modeled here, it would coast anyone a small fortune! The only complaint I have, if Im not mistaken, is that I cant use this to connect to my new iRig Stomp pedal which I use for my iOS devices. I wish that would be enabled. Im very excited to really get to know, use, customize & record with this app in the coming weeks.

good price, but thats it

Nice price for the sound, when compare to other apps like guitar rigs. but it lacks some fundamental features such as slows down tracks or compatibility with logic pro.

Complete lack of customer support

I bought this app about a week ago, hoping to experiment with some new tones for my guitars. Unfortunately, if you own a MacBook that doesn’t have a line in jack, you’re going to have a bad time. None of the many USB sound cards I tried worked at all, for input nor output, even though Logic Pro X had absolutely no issues with them. AmpKit registered the USB devices as present, but couldnt use them no matter how many settings variations I tried. I contacted customer support on their website, offering to help them debug the problem immediately after purchasing this app. However, I received no response, even though they said they’ll get back to me in 24 hours. I emailed them too, and tweeted to their @agilepartners account, and still no reply. Nobody’s saying anything after almost a week. 50$ isn’t a great deal for an app with zero customer support. I’m not looking for a refund, I just want to be able to use this app as it’s advertised.


Real nice sounding and easy to use. A complete surprise for the price, its already one of my favourites.

Not compatible with Yosemite

Have it , can’t use it, does not work with Yosemite…! Was in touch with AmpKit Support and they are working on a fix but no indication when the update would become available.

AmpKit does many things right and very few wrong...

I am not a professional guitarist, but I have been playing for more than 30 years and I have tried just about everything when it comes to gear. I have a full stack and all the normal fixings, but I was looking for something mobile that I can easily take with me or use in my office. This program is perfect for that. Hooked up to my MacBook Pro or my Mac Pro, I can easily sit down and jam without having to hook up next to my actual amplifier. The combinations are staggering when it comes to AmpKit. From the Heads, to the cabinets and microphones, there is no shortage of tones and sounds available. Add in the pedals available and you have just about any sound you could possibly want. The drum and music loops, though not many in quantity, are pretty good and easily create something for everyone. Recording your jam sessions is easy and fulfilling. Moving around the app is as easy as using Mac OSX. Everything does what you would expect it to and should be easy enough for any novice to figure out his first time out. For the more complex guitarist, the options available should keep you busy for many hours. You may even be a bit surprised how robust this app is. The sound produced is about as authentic as I could have hoped for. No matter what gear being used, it sounds good and keeps me playing for hours on end. The recordings sound just as good. The effects you can add to your sound are not only great sounding, but add a lot of "fun" to the app. Trying to find that very trippy or futuristic sound should make any player smile. All in all, AmpKit is a great app that is worth every penny I paid for it and will serve me for a long time as a Mac OSX user. PROS - A lot of amplifiers and cabinets that are interchangeable - Combinations are almost endless when it comes to the mics, pedals, amps, etc. - Offers many pedals that all of us guitar players cant do without - Easy navigation and simple user interface - Accessible to novice and veteran players - So many options for the cost CONS - Not much to complain about, maybe we need more gear?

Love it!

Ive played guitar in a few bands when I was in my teens, And twenties. As Ive gotten older, Ive gotten rid of much of gear that I collected through the years. Ive just spent the last few hours playing with this app on my macbook pro Ilove it! the tones, effects and different combinations have given me a new drive! (for the moment lol) I use an apogee jam interface with this app. It blows garageband away! Its worth every penny!

Well Done!

Truly commendable effort. For such a complex application that does so many things to be this intuitive is really an amazing accomplishment. The simplicity of the interface is really a beautiful thing. As for what it does - nothing short of amazing. For those of you that already own the iPad/iPhone version you will be pleased to know that this Mac version is just as incredible. Great sound, endless possibilities, same great Ampkit.

AmpKit Will Not Respond

I bought AmpKit yesterday and and using it with an Apogee Jam interface and have it downloaded to my Macbook Pro with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and OS X 10.8.2. Everything was going smoothly and I set up some diferrent amp modeling configurations and saved them. Next I attempted to import a track from iTunes and AmpKit stopped responding. I tried to force quit, restarted the computer, removed AmpKit and reinstalled it…all to no avail. My biggest issue is that Agile Partners has a link on their site to Apple solutions. They do have an e-mail location where you can choose multiple choice responses, but they dont seem willing at all to take any proactive steps to assist consumers who have an issue. So as of now, I am out $50, and am back to Garage Band.

Great App. Simple to use. Stellar Sound.

Ive used garage band for years and have been wanting something with a lot more options to customize my guitar sound. Ive just started using this on stage with my macbook and I love it. The combinations of pedals, cabinets, amps, etc. is unreal. I highly recommend this app if youre looking to go beyond what Garageband can offer.

Easiest way to plug in and play

This app is very strong and the simplest way to jack in (I use the Apogee Jam at the moment) and play. Theres a good selection of amps and presets, sound is excellent. Worth it if you compare this to the alternatives which can be much pricier (Amplitube for Mac, Guitar Rig for example).

My main guitar amp.

My room is too small for an amp that would probably disturb my roommates anyways. This is app works amazing for its price and extremely dynamic for any type of music. I play through a pair of headphones with my guitar plugged in straight into the mic input of my macbook and sounds extremely decent withought a guitar interface which i plan to get soon. I have not plugged it to full blown speakers so i cant comment about the feedback but I have not experienced any through headphones. Extremely fun to use and have not ran into any problems as of yet. Thank you agile partners.


Okay, so Ive cleared all kinds of stand-alone effects boxes, mixers, digital recorders, and combo processors off of my desktop, and replaced it all with an Apogee Duet 2 and AmpKit. I can only speak from a practice perspective, because I dont inflict my guitar playing on an audience. AmpKit is one really great guitarists tool. Although Ive been using it for a couple of months, I know Ive barely scratched the surface of what it can do. Its got the best guitar tuner ever, a super metronome, and handles backing tracks with ease. The built-in recorder works very well, and there are more effects, amps, speaker cabs, and other elements than I will ever be able to use. My only concession to traditional effects is a Twin Tube Blue distortion box that feeds into the Apogee Duet. Distortion is one thing that begs for the sound of real tubes. Cant say enough good things about this app. Ive spent thousands on guitar stuff over the years, and AmpKit has absolutely given me the best bang for the buck. The last update has cured the occasional freezes that sometimes occurred with the previous version. If you enjoy guitar but dont enjoy the clutter of multiple boxes, patch cords, and power supplies, I would highly recommend AmpKit. Instead of messing with multiple pieces of equipment, it lets you get right to the part where you make music.

Doesnt like Acoustic Guitars (Update)

Ive got Taylor acoustic guitars with built in electronics and an Apogee Jam. I was hoping to use Ampkit for just standard amplification with minimum effects, and some recording, but its really prone to feedback unless all volumes are low. Garage band works much better than Ampkit. For my purposes, Ampkit was a waste of money. Update: Version 1.5.1 fixed my acoustic guitar feedback problems. Ampkit works really well for me now. Ive since acquired an electric guitar and Ampkit is everything I could hope for in an amplifier. Ive updated my 3 star version 1.5 review to 5 stars for version 1.5.1

Im in love with this app

The best app I have purchased in Mac App Store so far. Amazing tones, lots of effects, heads & cabinets. I recorded No More Tears from Ozzy and the tone is exactly like Zakk Wyldes rig. Absolutely amazing!

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